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About MGRX

MGRX is a 2D graphics library derived from the GRX library. GRX was originaly written by Csaba Biegl for DJ Delorie's DOS port of the GCC compiler.

MGRX supports four platforms: DOS (DJGPPv2), Linux console, Linux X11 and Win32 (Mingw). On DOS it supports VGA and VESA compliant cards. On Linux console it uses the framebuffer. On X11 and Win32 it runs in a window.


MGRX is a fork of GRX. Because I liked the GRX C API interface, I began to maintain GRX when it was orphaned at the end of 2000. But GRX has not only the C API, it has a Pascal API, a BGI compatibility API, support for Turbo C, Wattcom, MSC and some X11 implementations over mainframes. At the end it was not funny, it was so easy to break things I didn't know (and I didn't want to know). So I stoped my job maintainig GRX at the end of 2003. At the time I wrote this, GRX was still orphaned.

But in the mean time I developed a fork for my own use, only the C API, no Pascal, no BGI, no Turbo C support, only the 4 platforms I can test. And a new (and better I think) input API. And now I have released it, only for fun.

Update 10/12/07. GRX has a new maintainer. I wish succes for him. He has backported to GRX some MGRX improvements. I plan to do the same, to backport to MGRX some GRX changes.

Supported platforms

Latest versions of OS, compiler, and key software tested:



Current release

MGRX v1.0.0
  Tar.gz format: mgrx100.tar.gz (1278260 bytes)
Zip format: (1714202 bytes)
MD5 sums:   7461a28eba8ef70574f2d0f339d528c3
b80ac0a024c166a116dee07cfd590f50 mgrx100.tar.gz

Older releases

MGRX v0.9.9
  Tar.gz format: mgrx099.tar.gz (1280167 bytes)
Zip format: (1711903 bytes)
MD5 sums:   e4ea789dd2b475b65d7711f4b9c2946e
1beba5b0a847393ab3c546c31663a2f5 mgrx099.tar.gz
MGRX v0.9.8
  Tar.gz format: mgrx098.tar.gz (1266805 bytes)
Zip format: (1696387 bytes)
MD5 sums:   08f0b52018afc82276e2dd1e909a347f
58207976f78a9499c1938b14399dc3cf mgrx098.tar.gz
MGRX v0.9.7
  Tar.gz format: mgrx097.tar.gz (1267175 bytes)
Zip format: (1696618 bytes)
MD5 sums:   cb4d977db809a84885e0ce953baac346
4461cc2ecc09e188fb49cee58b6ba41a mgrx097.tar.gz
MGRX v0.9.6
  Tar.gz format: mgrx096.tar.gz (1266267 bytes)
Zip format: (1695931 bytes)
MD5 sums:   f10255d15a22672671def58ae1778f23
686ac970a180a93c63e700044d9c2074 mgrx096.tar.gz
MGRX v0.9.4
  Tar.gz format: mgrx094.tar.gz (1202565 bytes)
Zip format: (1701358 bytes)
MD5 sums:   e8efedcbe3bb6c6f90f86438aa4a1328
cc277004b8af613c942000504a092c43 mgrx094.tar.gz



GChart is an add-on, by me, to the MGRX graphics library. It draws bar, line and area charts in a graphic context.

Download: (15868 bytes)

MD5 Sum: e097f8c88402c39279ee884a64da7ba4

LFP fonts for MGRX

These MGRX fonts were converted from the (now defunct) Linux Font Project packages:

All the fonts are in the public domain.

Download: (177659 bytes)

MD5 Sum: fc709f6d0f4afc087f0f258a926b3a22


Bezier is a first try to draw bezier curves using MGRX.

Source code: bezier.c



Parchis is a very popular board-game in Spain. It can be played by up to four players. The program can handle any combination of human beings and pc-driven players.


Mandel, by Richard Sanders, is a nice program to render the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

Download: (27303 bytes)

MD5 Sum: f917f18147b4f11ead21d49be32abe21

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