Msnake v2.1

An Android game

Copyright (C) 2007 The Android Open Source Project
Copyright (C) 2011, 2016 Mariano Alvarez Fernandez

Beta tester Guillermo Alvarez OcaƱa

Derived from the Snake game in the Android SDK
A simple game that everyone can enjoy

Te game is localized in english and spanish, if you
want Msnake in your language contact me by email
(malfer at

MSnake is open source under the Apache License

Download the last app from the Market

Or here:

Version 2.1

App MSnake21.apk

Source code MSnake21.tgz

Version 2.0

App MSnake20.apk

Source code MSnake20.tgz

Version 1.9

App MSnake19.apk

Source code MSnake19.tgz

Version 1.8

App MSnake18.apk

Source code MSnake18.tgz

Version 1.7

App MSnake17.apk

Source code MSnake17.tgz

Version 1.6

App MSnake16.apk

Source code MSnake16.tgz

Version 1.5

App MSnake15.apk

Source code MSnake15.tgz

Version 1.4

App MSnake14.apk

Source code MSnake14.tgz

Version 1.3

App MSnake13.apk

Source code MSnake13.tgz

Version 1.2

App MSnake12.apk

Source code MSnake12.tgz

Version 1.1

App MSnake11.apk

Source code MSnake11.tgz