Parchís4A, a Parchis game for Android™

Copyright (C) 1992, 1999, 2007, 2011-2016 Mariano Alvarez Fernandez

Beta tester Guillermo Alvarez Ocaña

A port of my old Parchis game for Android.

Parchis4A is (and ever will be) free to use and copy.


Parchís rules

Parchís pairs rules

How to play with Parchís4A


Download the last app from the Market


Old versions

If you prefer to use an old version, you can download it and install by hand:

Version 3.8 Parchis4A38.apk

Version 3.7 Parchis4A37.apk

Version 3.6 Parchis4A36.apk

Version 3.5 Parchis4A35.apk

Version 3.4 Parchis4A34.apk

Version 3.3 Parchis4A33.apk

Version 3.2 Parchis4A32.apk

Version 3.1 Parchis4A31.apk

Version 3.0.1 Parchis4A301.apk

Version 2.9 Parchis4A29.apk

Version 2.8 Parchis4A28.apk

Version 2.7 Parchis4A27.apk

Version 2.6.1 Parchis4A261.apk

Version 2.5 Parchis4A25.apk

Version 2.4 Parchis4A24.apk

Version 2.3 Parchis4A23.apk

Version 2.2 Parchis4A22.apk

Version 2.1 Parchis4A21.apk

Version 2.0 Parchis4A20.apk

Version 1.9 Parchis4A19.apk

Version 1.8 Parchis4A18.apk

Version 1.7 Parchis4A17.apk

Version 1.6 Parchis4A16.apk

Version 1.5 Parchis4A15.apk

Version 1.4 Parchis4A14.apk

Version 1.3.1 Parchis4A131.apk

Version 1.2 Parchis4A12.apk

Source code

Time to time I will release here old Parchis4A versions as free software under the GPLv3 license:

Version 2.6.1 Parchis4A261.tgz

Version 2.5 Parchis4A25.tgz

Version 2.4 Parchis4A24.tgz

Version 2.3 Parchis4A23.tgz

Version 2.2 Parchis4A22.tgz

Version 2.1 Parchis4A21.tgz

Version 2.0 Parchis4A20.tgz

Version 1.9 Parchis4A19.tgz

Version 1.8 Parchis4A18.tgz

Version 1.7 Parchis4A17.tgz

Version 1.6 Parchis4A16.tgz

Version 1.5 Parchis4A15.tgz

Version 1.4 Parchis4A14.tgz

Version 1.3.1 Parchis4A131.tgz

Version 1.2 Parchis4A12.tgz

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